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The show's name may look different, but the looniness will remain! Read more here!

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Welcome to the New Looney Tunes Wiki, the ultimate resource for anything Wabbit!

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Roughest Toughest Hombre

Follow the rules or Bugs will scare you like he scared Sam!

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Coming Soon

Cecil Turtle and Sylvester will be joining Bugs and Sam in new episodes.

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About the Wiki


New Looney Tunes Wiki is a wiki focusing on the Cartoon Network and Boomerang show, New Looney Tunes. The show premiered on September 21, 2015 on Cartoon Network, but has since been moved to Boomerang's channel and their SVOD. The show is based off of the original shorts of Looney Tunes and stars Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and Porky Pig. Classic foes, including Yosemite Sam and Wile E. Coyote return. Likewise, Bugs and Daffy faces new foes, but Bugs will have some help from new friends, such as Bigfoot and Squeaks the Squirrel.




New Looney Tunes Season One Episodes
Buddha Bugs / Now and Zen | The Inside Bugs / Sun Valley Freeze | St. Bugs and the Dragon / Leaf It Alone | The Bigfoot in Bed / World Wide Wabbit | For the Love of Acorns / The Game Is a Foot | The Grim Rabbit / The Wringer | White House Wabbit / Bugsbarian | Not Lyin' Lion / Ice Ice Bunny | Wabbit's Wild / All Belts Are Off | Wabbit's Best Friend / Annoying Ex-Boydfriend | Bugs vs. Snail / To Catch a Fairy | Bugs in the Garden / Scarecrow | Painter Paint Hare / The Spy Who Bugged Me | Hareplane Mode / Bugs of Steel | Big Troubles / Manner Maid | Bugsfoot / Grim on Vacation | Carrot Before the Horse / Trunk with Power | Snow Wabbit / Aromatherapest | Raising Your Spirits / Dust Bugster | Computer Bugs / Oils Well That Ends Well | Your Bunny or Your Life / Misjudgment Day | Splashwater Bugs / Fwee Wange Wabbit | Beaver Fever / Coyote.Rabbit.Squirrel | Pain & Treasure / Office Rocker | Survivalist of the Fittest / The IMPoster | Bugs Over Par / Fast Feud | Sir Littlechin: Griffin Hunter / Bugs in Time | Airpork Security / Home a Clone | Bugs on Ice / Bug Scouts | For Whom the Bugs Trolls / To Beach His Own | Five Star Bugs / Yoga to be Kidding Me | Rabbits of the Lost Ark / Appropriate Technology | Pork in the Road / Squeaks Upon a Star | Mile Hi Grub / Pole Position | Thirst Things First / Bugs of Chance | Bugs for Mayor / The Lepra-Con | Squeak Show / Rodeo Bugs | Slugsworthy's Mega Mansion / Wile E.'s Walnuts | Just One of Those Days / Mooch Housin' Syndrome | Sir Littlechin: Unicorn Hunter / Erin Go Bugs | Proud to Be a Coal Miner's Wabbit / Cabin Fervor | The Grand Barbari-yon / Giant Rabbit Hunters | Amusement Pork / Now You See Me, Now You Still See Me | 'Tis the Seasoning / Winter Blunderland | Ear! We! Go! / Hare Band | Bugs in the Petting Zoo / Hawaiian Ice | Quiet the Undertaking / Bugs Bunny? | Wet Feet / There's a Soccer Born Every Minute | Pork Lift / Thes in the City | Elmer's Fuddge / Angelo the Mighty Flea | Gorky Pork / Hard Hat Hare | Porky's Duck-Livery Service / The Wabbit Who Would Be King
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Featured Quote

" Here's the thing: I don’t care what they do to that pig. If they keep bringing me back, I’m employed. So they can beat the heck out of Porky, they can make bacon out of Porky, I don’t care. It’s actually fun. Conflict is a fun thing to play."
—Bob Bergen (voice actor of Porky Pig) in an interview with ToonZone.