Jack is a retired character in New Looney Tunes.

Physical appearance

Jack is an overweight, tall man with short brown hair. He wears a white shirt and a black jacket.


Afer just two appearances, Jack was phased out of the series [1] according to storyboard artist Michael J. Ruoco].

" Jack was one of the first new characters created for the series. The idea was that Jack was, well, a “jack” of all trades, but a master of none. Every time you’d see him in a new cartoon, he’d have a different profession (a painter, a dog trainer, etc.), but he’d be terrible at it, to the point he’d get frustrated and lash out, usually at Bugs. But in a way, Jack wasn’t a really great foil for Bugs. He screamed a lot, had a short temper and was really easy for Bugs to outsmart… and we realized that we already had a character with almost the same exact personality traits: Yosemite Sam. What was the point of using this guy when we already had a strong, well-established character like Sam to utilize? So after this short [Painter Paint Hare], we phased out the character. So long, Jack!"
—Michael J. Ruoco