This is a list of characters seen on New Looney Tunes.

Name Voice actor First appearance Number of appearances
Bugs Bunny Jeff Bergman Buddha Bugs 195
Daffy Duck Dee Bradley Baker Porky's Duck-Livery Service 83
Squeaks the Squirrel Dee Bradley Baker Now and Zen 67
Porky Pig Bob Bergen Airpork Security 62
Elmer Fudd Jeff Bergman Bugs in the Petting Zoo 35
Yosemite Sam Maurice LaMarche
Fred Tatasciore
Buddha Bugs 30
Foghorn Leghorn Jeff Bergman Bugs vs. Snail 24
Elliot Sampson Carlos Alazraqui Bug Scouts 20
Wile E. Coyote JP Karliak Leaf It Alone 15
Leslie P. Lilylegs Carlos Alazraqui White House Wabbit 15
Cal Eric Bauza For the Love of Acorns 14
Horace the Horse Jeff Bennett Airpork Security 13
Cecil Turtle Matt Craig Tour De Bugs 12
Bigfoot Matt Mercer Sun Valley Freeze 11
Sir Littlechin Daran Norris St. Bugs and the Dragon 11
Sylvester Jeff Bergman Easter Tweets 11
Hazmats Matt Craig Sun Valley Freeze 10
Claudette Dupri Kath Soucie The Spy Who Bugged Me 10
Pepé Le Pew Eric Bauza Superscooter 3000 10
Granny Candi Milo Easter Tweets 10
Blacque Jacque Shellacque Jim Cummings Timmmmmmbugs 9
Marvin the Martian Eric Bauza When Marvin Comes Martian In 9
Pete Puma John Kassir Tweet Team 9
Tad Tucker Carlos Alazraqui Survivalist of the Fittest 8
Hubie and Bertie Jeff Bennett
Eric Bauza
Appropriate Technology 8
Gabby Goat Bob Bergen Gettin' Your Goat 8
The Martin Brothers Matt Craig (Curt)
Daran Norris (Punkinhead)
The Wrong Brothers 7
Barbarian Steve Blum Bugsbarian 6
Thes Kevin Michael Richardson Not Lyin' Lion 6
Tweety Bob Bergen Easter Tweets 6
Justin Bob Bergen
Dee Bradley Baker
A Duck in the Aquarium 6
Claude Cat John Kassir Tweet Team 6
Shameless O'Scanty Carlos Alazraqui The Game Is a Foot 5
Phoebe Candi Milo A Duck in the Aquarium 5
Taz Jim Cummings Office Rocker 4
Dr. Clovenhoof Jeff Bennett Bugs in Time 4
Marc Anthony Matt Craig Tweet Team 4
Road Runner Paul Julian (archive recordings) Acme Instant 3
Petunia Pig Jessica DiCicco You Can't Train a Pig 3
Lola Bunny Kath Soucie Hare to the Throne 3
Sniffles Kath Soucie DarkBat 3
Actor Sean Astin Sean Astin Porky Pigskin 3
Pussyfoot N/A Pussyfoot Soldier 2
Hans Hamster Mark Hamill The Towering Hamsterno 2
Asteroid Jared Harris Armageddon Outta Here 2
Michigan J. Frog Jeff Bergman Misjudgment Day 1
Clyde Bunny Bob Bergen 10-4, Good Bunny 1
Speedy Gonzales Dino Andrade Tweet Team 1
Frisky Puppy Dee Bradley Baker Puppy's Got Claws 1
Mac and Tosh Jeff Bennett (Mac)
Dee Bradley Baker (Tosh)
Fool's Gold 1
Carl Dee Bradley Baker
Fred Tatasciore
The Grim Rabbit 5
Krakos the Polar Bear Dee Bradley Baker Bugsbarian 5
Snorts Kevin Michael Richardson Not Lyin' Lion 1
Sun Matt Craig Ice Ice Bunny 1
Winter Stag Jeff Bennett Ice Ice Bunny 3
Shifty Dee Bradley Baker Wabbit's Wild 3
Jack Steve Blum Wabbit's Best Friend 2
Shelby Dee Bradley Baker Wabbit's Best Friend 1
Boyd Mikey Kelley Annoying Ex-Boydfriend 2
Chickadee Kath Soucie Annoying Ex-Boydfriend 1
Snail Mail Dee Bradley Baker Bugs vs. Snail 1
Tooth Fairy Carla Renata To Catch a Fairy 1
Three Scouts Candi Milo
Matthew Yang King
Bug Scouts 4
Rock Hardcase Eric Bauza Bugs of Steel 1
Eagle Scout Cedric Yarbough Bug Scouts 3
Cheryl Candi Milo Grim on Vacation 1
Pampreen Perdy Kath Soucie Carrot Before the Horse 3
Paul Perdy Matt Craig Best Bugs 3
Toll Tree Dee Bradley Baker Trunk with Power 1
Viktor Keith Ferguson Bugs on Ice 4
Ghost Dee Bradley Baker Raising Your Spirits 1
Terry Fred Tatasciore Dust Bugster 1
Computer Virus Fred Tatasciore Computer Bugs 1
Ivana Candi Milo Oils Well That Ends Well 3
Robot Matt Craig Misjudgment Day 1
Slugsworthy the First John DiMaggio Splashwater Bugs 4
Vera the Vulture Grey Griffin Fwee Wange Wabbit 1
Squint Eatswood Jim Ward Beaver Fever 3
Imp Richard Horvitz The IMPoster 1
Happy Hartle Kevin Michael Richardson Fast Feud 1
Ninjas JP Karliak Now and Zen 1
Lieutenant Danny Trejo Dorlock Vice 1
Reginald St. Archibald Diedrich Bader The Silly Six 1
Millicent Hoppovich Grey Griffin The Magnificent Millicent 1
Foxy Foxworth India de Beaufort Undercover Bunny 1
Ironbootay Lance Henriksen Undercover Bunny 1
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